Episode 32 / September 14, 2019

Anurag Ramadasan, 3one4 Capital

hr min

Episode 32 / September 14, 2019

Anurag Ramadasan, 3one4 Capital

hr min
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Anurag Ramdasan, Head Of Investments at 3one4 Capital (Early Stage VC Fund).

Out of the 60 Portfolio Companies, some well-known names are OPEN, Licious, Pocket Aces, YourStory & Darwinbox.

In this podcast, Anurag shares his experience of coming from a hardcore Coding background into the VC world and also talks about some specific markets in the Startup Ecosystem like Content, Consumer Brands & Fintech.

Some Questions answered by Anurag in this Podcast –
1. How was his journey from being an Engineer to an Investor?
2. How has their journey been with OPEN & Licious?
3. Being one of the Youngest Principal’s, how did he mature so fast?
4. How did 3one4 Capital establish themselves into this Ecosystem?
5. Which were the markets where they had a Thesis and got a win?
6. What were the markets which didn’t work out for them?
7. What excites them being an Investor rather than being an Operator in the Startup Ecosystem?
8. What are the upcoming markets in India where they are interested?
9. How do you solve monetisation consents of Founders?

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