Episode 34 / September 19, 2019

Ash Lilani, Saama Capital

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Episode 34 / September 19, 2019

Ash Lilani, Saama Capital

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Ash started his career in Banking and joined Silicon Valley Bank and has been since associated with them.

He is credited with bringing the major VC & Investment houses of Silicon Valley & San Francisco Bay Area to India in 2003 (also known as the birth of Venture Capitalism in India).

He later started Saama Capital in India with the vision of being an Active Co-Investor.

Saama Capital is also well known for being an early investor in Paytm. Some of the other investments of Saama Capital include – Raw Pressery, Sula Vineyards,, and Games2Win among others.

In this podcast, Ash shares his journey and experience of bringing the VC culture in India, setting it up and investing in several well-known Consumers Brands & Fintech companies.

Some Questions answered by Ash in this Podcast –
1. How did the birth of Venture Capital happen in India back in 2003?
2. How was his experience during his first meeting with Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm) during his investment pitch?
3. How does he see a Startup doing pivots and what was some of the successful Pivots in his investments?
4. What has been his philosophy during all of his investments?
5. Where did his market thesis didn’t work out?
6. What are some of his big companies & exits in Consumer brands?
7. What habits does he attribute to his successes?
8. How is 2019-20 for founders?
9. What are some of his advice for new VCs?

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