Episode 42 / December 8, 2019

Ashu Garg, Foundation Capital

hr min

Episode 42 / December 8, 2019

Ashu Garg, Foundation Capital

hr min
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#Podcast with Ashu Garg, Partner, Foundation Capital

After graduating from IIT Delhi, and later completing his masters from IIM Bangalore, Ashu worked at various companies such as – Unilever India, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft and a few others.

In 2008 he joined Foundation Capital and since then he’s been primarily investing in B2B & SaaS Companies for the past 11 years.

Foundation Capital invested early in Netflix.

His Portfolio Companies include – Localytics, QuanticMind,, ZeroStack and FundsIndia among others.

In this podcast, Ashu shares his deep insights of the B2B & SaaS space in US & the opportunities coming ahead.

Notes –
00:56 – His Professional Journey – A series of Serendipitous Events.
05:03 – What caught his interest in the B2B & SaaS market space?
07:23 – What are the key skills, he looks for in B2B founder?
10:05 – How to sell B2B or SaaS products?
12:01 – Why is having clarity on ICP (Initial Customer Profile) crucial for a business?
14:40 – How long does it take for him from – “First email from a founder to Cutting a Cheque”?
16:40 – Success & Struggles in Foundation Capital’s Portfolio Companies
25:10 – What’s his advice for founders who struggle to scale up in the SaaS market?
27:55 – When does he plans to invest more in Indian Companies?
31:23 – Themes he’s been on a look out for – Task Automation, Tools to make Development easy, Cybersecurity
27:15 – Will Startups in Credit Lending Space be able to make money?
38:00 – How can B2B entrepreneurs crack the next big thing?

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