Episode 30 / August 29, 2019

Dheeraj Jain, Redcliffe Capital

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Episode 30 / August 29, 2019

Dheeraj Jain, Redcliffe Capital

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Dheeraj Jain, Founder at Redcliffe Capital shares his experience and thoughts around investing in Biotech / Health Care & Consumer Brands in India.

By now he has invested in 32 companies, whereas some of his notable exits include Innov8, Burger Singh & Supr Daily.

Some of the successful companies where Dheeraj initially invested, and since then they have raised significant amount of subsequent fundings are PeeSafe, LifCare, The Man Company, Drivezy, Coho, Coutloot and Qdesq, among others.

Some Questions answered by Dheeraj in this Podcast –
1. What caught his attention towards Health Care companies in India?
2. Why is it the right time for Biotech Startups to scale up in India?
3. Can Consumer Brand Startups become massive?
4. What were his thoughts while investing in PeeSafe & The Man Company?
5. What’s was the secret behind the 100x growth of Drivezy?
6. What role do markets play when a company has to scale?
7. What kind of characteristics does he look for in a Founder, during the early stage funding?
8. Over the last 4-5 years, How has he seen himself grow as an Investor?

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