Episode 9 / April 16, 2019

Hetal Sonpal, Angel Investor in 20+ Startups

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Episode 9 / April 16, 2019

Hetal Sonpal, Angel Investor in 20+ Startups

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Hetal Sonpal is a well known Angel Investor in more than 20 startups in India. He has 20 year corporate technology business stint with Wipro, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Intel.

In this podcast Hetal shares:
1. Why he became an angel investor ?
a. He has successful exits with BabyChakra, MassBlurb and AllisHealth
b. His portfolio companies Vahdam Teas, Advantage Club, Impact Guru, Leverage Edu are the biggest winners in his portfolio and are doing fantastically well.
2. What motivates him to help startups to scale
3. He has completed half iron-man. How running has helped him set higher benchmarks for himself in personal and business life as well ?
4. How taking up the challenge of reading 100 books in 2018 has transformed his life.
5. Why he returned to India from Japan in 2010 ?
6. His favourite books “Thank you for being late.- Thomas Freidman”
“21 Lessons of 21st Century”
“The art of Good life” Rolf Dobelli
7. He considers Azim Premji and Remaesh Emani from Wipro his mentors and shares lessons which he has learnt from him

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