231 / October 25, 2023

HOW To Gain 25,000 Subscribers| Our Rebranding Story

63 Minutes

231 / October 25, 2023

HOW To Gain 25,000 Subscribers| Our Rebranding Story

63 Minutes
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About the Episode

This week’s episode is all about discovering OUR SECRETS as we let you in on how we gained 25,000 subscribers in JUST 90 days through rebranding as our founders welcome Vidit Agarwal, our branding manager and founder of Witchcraft, to the Neon Show!

Where Did Neon’s Journey Of Rebranding Begin From 100xEntrepreneur?

Secondly, How Did We Build BRAND LOYALTY For The Neon Show?

Furthermore, Why Did The Name Neon Have To Be “Sexy” To Attract Viewers?!

All these juicy topics and more in this HONEST conversation. A real look into why branding is so important for building loyalty amongst consumers & how it can transform a company’s fate, like it did Neon’s… Tune in NOW!

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3 Lessons Learnt From Vidit Agarwal | A Newbie’s Perspective
1. Micro Delights are the most important thing about branding!
How does one differentiate themselves from the large crowd of brands? It’s all about the little things, or the “micro delights” as Vidit phrases it. These micro delights act as easter eggs. They don’t serve a larger purpose of gaining more clients or customers. They work to subconsciously appease you and put a smile on your face. That’s the minor differentiator!

2. “Design Can’t Trickle Down From Top. It Needs To Start From The Bottom!”
Building on the previous point, branding as a whole needs to be thought of firstly as smaller aspects before we can think of how it effects the company as a whole. Each small action makes up the whole image and therefore the design aspect needs to happen from bottom to top and not vice-versa!

3. Vidit has a very philosophical & abstract outlook on life
On a personal note, the very first thing I noticed about Vidit was how well put together his thoughts were but also just how abstractly his point of views were. The importance of what things mean and how they can make someone feel is what branding essentially stands for. Every little action taken towards the brand should keep in mind a purpose, and not just because “it looks good”. Additionally, every action should have a direction for why it was taken and how it can help grow brand loyalty. I believe this is what allows Vidit to be so meticulous in his designs!

Vidit agarwal 00:00

Fundamentally, I see branding as metaphors.


Vidit agarwal 00:04

If a brand doesn’t have range, it won’t survive. It needs to constantly do new things.


Nancy Mishra 00:09

When ever your giving a work to a designer, and he shares the work and doesn’t seem fun, the frustration starts from their (Speaks in Hindi).I think when you sit with them for a call for 1 hour, 2 hour and make him understand what is the mission and vision and express your thoughts call. Don’t think whether the designer would judge you or not (Speaks in Hindi). All these things will help you understand you.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 00:36

Hi, this is Siddartha Ahluwalia Welcome to the Neon Show. Today I have with me, my partner, Nancy, my co-founder, my everything in life. And I have Vidit, Vidit has been a strategy and design partner. And we have worked with for the last nine months from the journey of changing 100x entrepreneur to Neon. And in today’s episode, we’ll dive deep into what takes in an exercise of complete rebrand. So, welcome Nancy and Vidit. Thank you Thank you for having me. So first, I want to ask you how can I make your both camera comfortable?


Vidit Agarwal 01:11

Designers like to stay behind the scenes. So this is the first year.


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 01:14

I wish my humor was good for that I could crack a joke. were very bad.


Vidit Agarwal 01:19

Nobody pretends it was a good joke.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 01:20

I would like to start Nancy right the first call you had with with like go back in your memory September 2032. Did you imagine like Neon would take shape in the current form? It is like the posters the website.


Nancy Mishra 01:36

So I was having this conversation with visit yesterday only. And I was recalling all those incidences that we started 100x Entrepreneur with a mobile phone we had no idea about what brand is? what brand colour is? what should be there in a Logo and where it is gonna be placed (Speaks in Hindi), I had no idea about those things. We have started so many things lets just stick with some basic things to be consistent like will make a Newsletter (Speaks in Hindi), because I knew that I was really good with community. So I wanted to focus on that rather than learning new things because we always focused on being consistent. I was like, I know how to build a community that I will I will focus on building a community 100x Entrepreneur, Whoever is interested in Entrepreneurship, Who are intersted in Growth, Who are intersted in VC space we will make a community for them (Speaks in Hindi). So that was the mindset I had no idea about branding marketing, what is Logo and all(Speaks in Hindi). So I reached out to my friend. She used to work with me. At Shiros. I knew she was a designer. I was like this our Podcast. Make a logo for this. She shared 3 to 4 sample. Because I had no idea about logos, So after seeing the Mic I was like this looks awsome (Speaks in Hindi) think it was my first startup. I was super excited about all those things so , I didn’t go deep into it, maybe because I don’t come from that background. So step by step, our Podcast Episode started getting more and our, we had you know we started having more resources we Prime in sponsored our podcast. Slowly we started understanding that Newsletter has been done, and got 20000 Subscribers now, Social media is also ready(Speaks in Hindi). So, started understanding people (Speaks in Hindi). Okay, so I reached out to someone and I asked that, now we have personal resources. I want to work on website. Because I should be proud of our assets. I should not be embarrassed that, we might have to show them the website. Because I used to cold email to our guests. So I would share our episodes YouTube episode Spotify episodes with them that, we had done podcast with certain person (Speaks in Hindi). So, would you like to join us? If I’m reaching out to Zepto founder Aadit that I would mention about Hari’s podcast. Hari, founder of BigBasket I would mention so, I would use YouTube link or Spotify because you’re not doing video that time. We didn’t wanna use our website because we where ashamed and it looked bad. Because it was made by first year students (Speaks in Hindi). We were proud of our website when we started but eventually felt that photo isn’t clear, colour was loud so slowly started understanding it(Speaks in Hindi). Then I reached out to someone and because I was not sure that we had to do. So, then the clarity came that( Speaks in Hindi), we wanted to build rebuild our website. Didn’t know what to do with the Logo (Speaks in Hindi), and we also started building our fund around that time, so reach out to someone and I asked him that we needed to built our website and he was like, website, we can me, but have to do something about the logo (Speaks in Hindi), because your logo has a mic in it. And now that you also run a Fund, so it’s not going with both the things. So, we had to remove the Logo, so it was a shock that it was my first Logo and it’s about to go, and it was my Logo (Speaks in Hindi) . But I think that was the first time when my attachment started getting a little lesser( Speaks in Hindi. So he shared three four samples. Again, I was like, it isn’t looking good, and I didn’t have clarity, Logo has to be changed or not. But I got a clarity that, I am now getting ready for the bigger change. And then, around that time fortunately All-In’s branding was done. And we were super happy to see that kind of branding because when we had started discussing ideas around rebranding, we were not able to associate with big VC brands. We were also not able to associate with YouTubers, We where in between So, After seeing All-IN’s branding not same we can be something like that though. And we don’t have to be similar to them and this gives us a chance to discover ourself, how we started? what is our strength and weakness. So i reached out to Kushal.. I mean I took Kushal’s number from Siddhartha and I messaged him and he was so kind without asking within few seconds he shared Vidit’s number and within seconds I texted him that, we need a website that was the only requirement I had and. With Vidit the best thing we did with Vidit we discused about changing the logo or Website when he mentioned we felt like somanythings would change. and we where open to that idea. So, by that time our attachment was slowly going down so we started feeling ready. And few call’s with Vidit and our vibe started to match, he’s able to understand where we come from what we want to make, like this is one advice I want to share with everyone. When your working with designer and your at your office and the designer shares you and you say it dosen’t feel good and from this point the frustration start’s to begin even the designer would also feel’s like to give up and only they will share two times. And I think instead of asking for samples you just sit with him for 1 or 2 hour in call and discuss all the things make him understand your mission and vision, what you wanna do, what you have already done. What is the background. Just own yourself. Express your thoughts never think if the designer would judge you, all these things will help him understand you. And that is something you need. Then the designer would understand what we are, what we need and he will bring in his Idea and then you can pick from those ideas. But you can’t just tell two three things, we need to remove the mic, the change the 100x logo which will be suitable for both fund and Podcast. I think is the worst kind of thing you can do with a designer. It’s better you talk with that person, We don’t know much about it , but we are ready know about it. If you are ready to teach us, this is the podcast, this is what fund is doing, this is the kind studio we are making for podcast, these are the idea’s let’s just sit together. So I think that was the best and first call with Vidit was beyond my imagination. At that point in time I was able to connect with him. And I think I do that in general also like in my life. Also when I like someone when I feel the vibe is matching. I don’t think too much about other things. And I know iam saying toomuch, but Siddharth did the same thing with our startup we had somany people in our startup including me. I was not at all. But in the first interview could’nt communicate in english. I kept on saying that if you make me understand this, I’ll be able to give my 100% I am a hardworking person, I’ll do it. And I was supposed to build a community for them. Still they gave me a chance. We have one more person is communication is not that good. But he’s really good with certain things and he’s now doing amazing excellent work. If Sidhartha does’nt give a chance then the person who comes to do the work his itention matter’s and the way he talks, conduct correct this is what I believe so I think when I had like Vidit communication skills was good and in the first call itself i wanted to work with him(Speaks in Hindi).

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 09:26

Tell us your side of thing, right? You had already designed an entire branding experience. For one VC we are similar stage. VC a right plus a podcast. How did you approach that should I do this work or should I not, and even if I am doing the work what criteria should i set cause these guys came for the website, nothing else(Speaks in Hindi).


Vidit Agarwal 09:47

Yeah, so I had worked with few VCs to you before an 100x. And it’s important for me to not work in a single industry too long because then you get stale. You have similar idea And you’d find it hard to get out of the same box. If I’ve given 10 ideas to all of them, I wouldn’t want to use the same for you, right? Because you have a very different set of approaches. Now as much as I try to understand your strategy and your principles coming out of that aesthetic, aesthetic bucket becomes slightly troublesome. So when you came to me, my first instinct was Okay, another VC brand. But then Nancy was telling me that you know, what, we have a podcast and we feature these people, we’ve been at this for so long, we haven’t missed a single week for the past three years, four years. I’m like, the discipline and passionate take means that there’s something much more profound that’s working beneath it. So the great thing about how you guys approach this was, I don’t like taking briefs. I like to look at you. And I suggest that you know what, I think this is where you might need more help. You told me that you know what website is very old school, it’s not working well. You want to be something cool. You want to be like a new age modern brand because we are seeing big changes in our future. And I’m like, Okay, what is a website made of? Fundamentally, if I print out a website on a sheet of paper, how would you describe it, there is a section there is a logo in the corner, there are some fonds here and there, there is some messaging. So when it becomes the one of the interval independent things also, I’m just moving around pieces on your existing website. So now if you want to change the colour, if you want to change the logo, if you want to change the principal, I asked you that,

Vidit Agarwal 11:28

Hey, why are you guys 100x? And you guys are quite attached to it since that, would you like to tell me why where you 100x?


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 11:37

It was a very selfish reason for the simple reason that. When me and Nancy built the podcast started building a podcast and felt like I wanted 100x to grow as, an entrepreneur, because the skills that I have is zero to one, right? How do I get 200x is by interacting with people who have been there? Right? founders like Vidit Aatrey Meesho, Gaurav Munjal Unacademy, right, or VCs who have seen these journeys very closely know firsthand experience and there’s Rajan Anandan from Big 15 percent of Sequoia So I wanted to learn because when I look at myself (Speaks in Hindi) I was feeling very incomplete.


Nancy Mishra 12:15

So that has been journaling from a very long time. So he would write in his diary that I want to become 100x. I want to become 100x of myself. So I think from there this 100x entrepreneur, because he was sure that we wanted to do another startup. So we will be entrepreneurs again. So 100x entrepreneur.


Vidit Agarwal 12:36

And the thing is, the moment you come to me, it’s something with passion, I need to look at what you guys are, I can’t force you into a system that you’re not prepared for. If I tell you know what 100x is not working, take this, you might have been convinced because you trust me and move forward. But if your instincts weren’t sitting, right, like, you know what, we started this company, because we wanted to grow. And now you give me a random name, which is nice, but doesn’t feel like who we are, then the entire branding exercise you might use as sexy as any other brand, you might look the best. But that hollowness that you’ll feel inside will start bleeding into you a year or one and a half year later, you’d end up doing what you were doing with 100x because that is what your natural baseline is. So when I started asking you guys that hey, what about you know, thinking about it from scratch, I’m not asking you to let go of who you are. You are 100x You want to grow. You stand for something larger than who you are. You see your vision you see your future. But fundamentally, I see branding is a metaphor. You ask questions, you find answers, and you try to piece things together. Let’s say with 100x, I’m like your VC fund, you’re a podcast, you’re a very physical brand, you exist as people, you’re not behind a screen or in a packaging that’s coming to people. Your face is literally your brand. It’s just under the company name, whichever you call it. So why do you even need a logo? Where will you put your logo? On your T-shirt? How many times will you wear that T-shirt? And if you put your logo on a t-shirt, how are you different from every, every other brand? Let’s say you’re a VC fund, you have 100 logos in your company, you want to show those logos with pride. Look at this, right? If your logo is so subtle, that your portfolios are great, then good, right? That’s what you want. You want to pitch them forward, that’s who you are. But then your logo doesn’t matter. And if you have a very bold logo, then your portfolio logos are irrelevant and then you screaming on top of them. So that’s how the VCs would work. But now you’re also podcast so now when a title sequence comes you want like the impact that comes in that Oh, wow. Like something new, something exciting, something brilliant is coming up. This dichotomy was very juicy for me to work with right? And 100x was one metaphor. You said I want to be 100x of myself, I want to be a better version of myself. 100x I considered it as something you came up with because you are more from a science or technical background. Your software is SAAS company –


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 15:13

I want to measure everything.


Vidit Agarwal 15:13

You want to measure everything analytical scientific. And Nancy was instinct driven. I’m not sure what the theory is, but it feels something is off. And then she tried to explain it. And midway I’m like, okay, okay, I see, I see where this is going. I see what she needs, right. And this dichotomy was very powerful to balance.

Vidit Agarwal 15:33

So if you rememberone thing I might have said during the calls, which I didn’t remember, but Nancy pointed out, is that I had said, if you tell me to change your logo, I will change your logo and give it but that’s all I’ll do. Because that’s what you told me. And Your happiness is my priority as a designer, so I’ll do it. But then I won’t think beyond that. If you leave it up to me, I will tell you everything that you need to do. Right. And since then, it was like you never restricted me like you never restricted Vidit (Speaks in Hindi). Nancy was like I will trust him.


Nancy Mishra 16:03

I think, Because everything is so fresh, like now like we launched our brand, and now only did the Event also, so every process was freshe. After 2 – 3 years things will start to (Speaks in Hindi) then what’s that one two things I’m going I’m always going to remember about whether there’s the time when you were having that call and he said with all the passion he has, that these are the 5 names, in this 5 names whichever you select I will give my heart and soul to make that sound good to you. So, I will work until you feel like its your brand, you can own this and this isyour Brand (Speaks in Hindi). So I think that was very powerful thing to say. And whatever knowledgable thougts that Vidit shared before that i don’t fully recall but this stayed (Chuckless) you know sometimes we wanna do things but which you don’t understand, becuase you don’t have the expertise in it(Speaks in Hindi), then other person comes in says like, believe me trust me I’ll make it happen. You just have to trust me and those values match then few thought process match then we were like lets see few of the old works , lets see the references reference them with a you close your eyes, and say everything that you want( Speaks in Hindi) and then you trust the process does the person and you wait for the outcome. And I think.


Vidit agarwal 17:35

And this is something very important for a design agency is because we get so involved in your story. It feels like ourown here, right? So the more trust and faith you give us, the more we want to push ourselves to try and do better. So I everything starts off with a commercialised contract, like you can change this you can change that. So if I’m boxed in that system, it becomes a transactional thing. Fundamentally, it’s an exchange of service. So we would start with that always right. And. That time I didn’t even have a proper website and job also(Speaks in Hindi) and I had just left my job and I couldn’t show a lot of my work. And he just saw that everythings, all in, this going to be big (Speaks in Hindi). Hey, I talked to him, he seems like he can do something and we’ll go forward with it. So when we started the names we had like what in first round we had 150-200 names and it was a large list and how it starts his name never drops as like one thing out of the shining dark to sit with 100 Things you let it ferment in your head for a while. And after 1 week. when things didn’t work ( Speaks in Hindi) you take that and move forward because there are a lot of flings in names and instances Ixy at the start, but then you say to that for a weekend lucky ticket. It was good for a one time watch. It’s not something you can watch always. So we started with that name and I remember the dichotomy of your personality was also happening in the cause. I would


Nancy Mishra 19:10

but I think we both have very different personalities. So though Lococo convinced Karna he skill is the most challenging thing to do. And I also remember when fun funny incidents with Aki Masada Pamela with this with atomic with homogeneous, J


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 19:30

You became a relationship counselor.


Nancy Mishra 19:31

Just like a Movie actor Said you feel like god so whatever you do it will be right so that happened with Vidit so at that point whatever vidit was bringing like the logo, and we were like what a logo he just came up with and we used to look at eachother and say WoW. Even after the call we used say he’s doing a wonderfull job but one time what happend was we were on call and because Akash who built the website design before that we had done lot of work with eachother like Kabir’s school timing for 2 hours were always reserved for just talking there was no agenda for it just talk. So, most work talk was over before connecting with Akash. Then Akash came into the picture that was our first call when Vidit introduced us he said this is one of the good clients till now, because the way saying this might have been diiferent but it sounded like whatever I show them they like it so, its easy to work with them. So, this thing for first time I didn’t feel like a compliment because I felt like is this like here I am back in 2018 that I don’t know about things what’s coming towards me feels like its good because it is better than before is this the reason that I am liking it. So, I was like we are spending money and time on it and would it again endup same in 4 years like we will be sitting with different people for the same job so, that scared me and pinched me a little pinch. Then after that for website with Akash we had a few calls and then we spet much time and we were travelling Akash was also taking lot of time to build a website so there was gap and bythat time Vidit’s role became less Akash was in the picture but with Vidit we had spent lot of time but with Akash we couldn’t. So when ever we Akash it we will talk about technical things not the random stuff in life or our brand, though I was like that time I had no idea about how things will come out now because till now we were just saying that our vibe level matches, our colour matches, our logo match but logo is just gonna stick on oneside right, we liked the brand but would we able to carry that, so those different, different thing, but our website that is coming would be the main focus. So was Vidit able to convey the feelings, emotion our Ideology to Akash because we all never talked in one call. Then when the website came. I was like, I think we hadn’t done any major changes other than changing the text(Speaks in Hindi).


Vidit agarwal 22:09

Fundament and the basic things, and this thing was something very nice Akash and I have like, there’s so much mutual understanding and respect between each other, that I would sit with him tell him that, you know, this is the brand, this is what we made. These are things we’ve worked on, you know, these guys do these deals, I do that we have a weekly three calls that we do, and we just talk about what’s happening and the work that’s happening. So when I told him that you know, you’re the best client we work with is because they trusted us. And they are ready to listen, if we go deeper, because designers don’t want to go too deep, too deep. If the client is just going to not want to listen to you, right? So we’re like, we’ll do what’s good. But you won’t place ourselves in our hearts in it. We won’t try to go like okay lets make this small change too( Speaks in Hindi)

Vidit Agarwal 22:54

The thing that I really like in design is what I call the micro delight. If you were to explain.

Nancy Mishra 23:01

Explain Microdelight? a few days back only we had just figured it out. ( Speaks in Hindi)

Vidit Agarwal 23:05

So fundamentally, if you were to say it’s cheap booze, right, like you see something, it’s nice to see like, Oh, nice, it feels good. And that is how people will usually perceive visual design. That it, it looks nice, it looks good. But nowadays, it is expected to have a design, whether it be good or bad. You need to have design 100x entrepreneur had a design, call it good call it bad it needs to have something right. So now it’s table stakes, there needs to be something. And now people are exposed to these big fancy brands, right? That there is no, like limitations of it. So micro delight to me is let’s see the little motive that is someone noticed, it’s like an Easter egg. Oh, there are so cute. So when you did the event and there was a launch, the little tent card that we had the coasters the pattern that it formed, the cute cringy line that we had in the standees those didn’t serve any functional purpose, you are not getting more investors, you’re not selling more views, nothing was happening because of that. It simply existed to put a smile on people’s faces. And to think that. We cared about what we do that is what micro delight is, you put in enough care in something that you notice the slightest bump in them, and you work on it. So when I said the the West lines to work with is because we can give as many little nuggets and exciting pieces as we want. And they would appreciate it. We wouldn’t have to worry about running in circles. Because the thing with micro delight is if you start critically analyzing micro delight, it dies. It’s the let’s say main course. But when you go for a restaurant and you order the main course, and in front there’s a cute napkin holder, their(Speaks in Hindi) That’s not heightening your food experience, but it puts a smile. Cute. That’s what those little things were. So the little animation we have on our website little Icon we spattered across those are what you were able to do because you guys trusted us so much.


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 25:06

So one thing which I want to discuss it you could have made us like any other VC website and we would have been like okay (Chuckles) but why did you want to be different because being different is like hard risky because people would hollow point that why is it neon colour.


Vidit agarwal 25:26

So the thing with VC startup is, let’s go back to branding right what what is branding supposed to do? Is branding supposed to look good? I don’t know. Do you like KFC? branding do you find the character to be sexy? And you’re like, oh, wow, Colonel Sanders feels great I don’t think so. But it works. Do you think brand is supposed to be premium? Haldiram what a brand it is a jem. It’s not premium, but you trust it with your heart is that we will eat that Buji someday (Speaks in Hindi) And if you think is branding, supposed to be different I have to stand out make sense? What is branding supposed to be branding is basically if we’re in a dark room, and I see a note written on the paper I should read it and say okay Nancy has written a note for me it should be clear if Nancy wrote it or Siddharth. I don’t see who you are and there is not even a handwriting there its a print out of your typed message right? I should still know who wrote it. Branding is basically knowing who you are.


Nancy Mishra 26:27

Branding is knowing who you are. But I think most brands things making customers feel who they are.


Vidit Agarwal 26:37

True right. So, if I am someone who wants to be liked by you, right, I will try to put on a personality expression that works. And that is a good thing. A lot of consumer brands should do that. Because the brand exists for the people. They are a product centric brand. You are a people centric brand. The brand is supposed to be as to you. Because you are caring the face. McDonald’s doesn’t care about who created McDonald’s. Because on the about page who life story it isn’t written in a good sweet way (Speaks in Hindi) it’s an organisation an organisation needs to care about the customers, you need to care about who you are, honestly, because you are the product. So branding can be visual. Let’s say if I compare you went all in, I did both of the designs, both of them are brand new, both of them are VC spaces. Fundamentally, if you were supposed to look at it, both have a font. Both have a colour, Both have their logo, Both has animation (Speaks in Hindi). So if you were to them, bear it down to fundamentals rigth, you’ll see the basic pieces are the same to play with. There are only so many ways you can communicate, let’s say website that didn’t exist. What is branding, then? The Internet dosen’t exist, you make theatre podcast, you go to a place and record, people gather their and listen (Speaks in Hindi), how would your branding exists, then you don’t have a website, you’d still need something right? I (Inaudible) me you can still differentiate. So branding is basically who you are. And then you look at where am I talking? You talk in your website, you talk on YouTube, you talk physically in person, and do a lot of calls. You guys do your fund and podcast, you’re meeting a lot of people talking to a lot of people. So to me, your brand existed in these facets. Now. If you keep those in considerations, you already start telling what is important. If I made a funky as branding, with lots of colours and visuals and illustrations, it would look very cool in my presentation, not on Instagram, because who would execute it then you’re a two person team with like a few people that you hire to do other things. You don’t have a dedicated design team who’s going to execute it. And I can’t rely on being the only person who will does design for you. That’s a very selfish way to think I need to give you a brand based on your capacity. If you told me Vidit I will do this idon’t know illustrator, will make it in Canva, make it for me(Speaks in Hindi), I can’t be like oh, you know what good do good design, you only need to do this software, I should be able to give you good design in Word document. It should work in that right? Because good branding is fundamentally how you can differentiate yourself with skill if you want to use black and white font Arial doesn’t matter as long as you’re able to differentiate yourself. So when you guys were trying to differentiate yourself from all these people and try to be a podcast and try to be a fund. I’m like, What can we do that’s different enough that you can confidently own and you don’t have to stress about doing branding, it becomes effortless, because if you have to take so much effort that you’re doing branding, how will you do a good podcast? How will you worry about LPs and get fund, if you’re worried about illustration the character is not good right, you have to be able to own it.

Vidit Agarwal 30:06

And we had five names right? Do you remember which one they were?

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 30:10

Yeah, Snowball.

Nancy Mishra 30:12

I would do, with us

Vidit agarwal 30:14

and they was Armstrong. Yeah. So out of like 200 to 250-300 names we came down to these names first in the first calls Siddhartha we had like this 150 names so Siddartha was like, if you ask me to choose I can choose but that Fun won’t come (Speaks in Hindi) and Nancy was like two three names could be interesting, but we’ll have to sit and that was the –

Nancy Mishra 30:37

And I still remember Vidit, and I we both liked Neon, but said that was not liking the name. And then he was insisting that we should be more inclined towards snowball and nudge for nudge was not something good( Speaks in Hindi).

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 30:54

It was not such a good thing in social work only –

Vidit agarwal 30:58

Something in Banglore only.

Nancy Mishra 31:00

Then I suddenly remembered that Vidit and Ithink about neon. The first thought comes the first visual that comes to our mind is the colour and I realised Siddhartha is colour blinded person and i felt like what are we doing. For the past 1 hour we are trying to tell him this is why Neon’s good. And this visual was coming for me and Vidit but not for Siddhartha because he dosen’t even know the colour. Then like we started showing you neon colours on Google that this is the colour this is the brightest colour the brightest shade of that colour –

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 31:41

More than that when I gave the 5 names to people who I respect the most, like Kshitij my partner, Vijay has been a mentor to me. for them it kinda felt shiny(Speaks in Hindi) well, I can see there’s something it which I don’t relate it but I’m a kind of personality that-

Nancy Mishra 32:00

Your not a people person when you decide something, you do that so you can’t –

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 32:05

But for me for important that are their stakeholders, right. So If thing dosen’t give me a spark but if they are getting the spark then, and It was not like that I was completely against it with and for me Nudge and Snowball was suitable. But if for Kshitij and for Vijay, Neon gives a saprk then there must be something in the name even for Nancy and also for Vidit, so let me trust the process of going ahead.

Vidit agarwal 32:29

And the thing is the shortlist that we would come at, I would be like on it right here. I would you might be liking this name but lets just keep it there, like I think it might have restrictions and felt like a little limited so lets keep it there(Speaks in Hindi). Because the thing about branding is, I don’t know what I’m giving you until it’s made. It’s so blackbox process, I know how to get a good answer, because I can trust my skills. And I can trust that what we talked and understood, we understand what you want to build. But the when the project starts, I couldn’t have told you that you’d be getting this colour, I couldn’t have guranteed on it(Speaks in Hindi).

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 33:04

We couldn’t have imagined these posters. That are in Our office today –

Vidit agarwal 33:07

I wouldn’t have even imagined making these posters at the start of the thing. This was not in the initial scope, whatever thing right? We are like logo is there, visual language, website, everything. But once the brand starts coming live, you realise the places it can exist in if Neon was named as snowball, will these furniture would be still here?

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 33:25

Something else would have been here-

Vidit agarwal 33:27

Something else would have been here, maybe Snowball Snowmans toy or whatever would be here., right. But these chairs wouldn’t exist. And these chairs look pretty cool. And this is how we imagined Neon to be right.

Nancy Mishra 33:37

I also remember with mentioned this thing during the exercise that you have to think about people you look up to or the brands or the people or the communities you look up to that We, you know, give like we shared 5-10 names.

Nancy Mishra 33:58

And whenever we would talk about rebranding, we made sure that podcast is the podcast part doesn’t dilute we started with podcast so we should be owning ourselves throughout our journey. Like we have been doing that and we should be doing that, that and from today we are fund. We never did any Podcast- vodcast, we used to do Podcast but now it dosen’t feel fun so we are doing the Fund, or we will put a tab on website and checkwhether we’ve done this month or not. We were like we started from Podcast so we will make the podcasts much better and this was our Philosophy that we wanted to become better so, we will be better in everything, and make sure everything gets better like make Podcast better and we started fund from syndicate, And now we have made proper Fund where we have a website and everything. So I remember Vidit said that, if Fund is their it is just a Fund. There is no importance for colour because your not gonna be there everyday(Speaking in Hindi). But you guys also have a community, you have a YouTube channel. So because we we were releasing one short every day we have been doing that. So we should we should choose a colour that totally defines everything about you like people can identify you with that colour you don’t need a logo you don’t need a mascot or anything like that. So let’s if with neon if we can remember the colour of it by saying(Speaks in Hindi), then we should be. We should be moving towards that direction because on our YouTube channel and on the audio platforms, we will be out there every day so we can own that colour. And-

Vidit agarwal 35:51

I get what you’re trying to say that how we thought about those colours is the fact that your logo is less important primarily because you also are podcast and Fund right? Now the reason for owning a colour, let’s say Tiffany and Company the jewellery company, they have such a beautiful teal colour. And they own the colour their logo with a simple serif font and like you don’t even think it’s a different thing. But you remember the company I still remember the colour in my head. I realised that designers can’t design in a bubble. I can’t be like, you know, your YouTube thumbnails, you figure it out. I’ll give you a system. Go ahead. I need to see who is making the YouTube thumbnails, I need to see the aesthetic. If they’re a person who is used to making the traditional YouTube thumbnails with like large pictures and those clickbait Icon, those work. I can’t sit and diss. what have you made? (Speaks in Hindi). If it’s getting you clicks, design is irrelevant if your value is coming out of it, right. So if I make a design, and they can’t execute it, it falls apart, I could have given you a fancy identity system with multiple colours and maybe layout systems or image treatments similar to collages and use Texture’s (Speaks in Hindi) you could have been a lot of things. But what was important is in in the space itself, right? There is not a single logo of our brand. But if I look at this frame, it feels very iconic to me because of the splashes of colour because of the hint of neon, because anyone who watched our video will know who they’re watching. You don’t need to plaster it everywhere. They know they’ve come to the neon channel. And these things are reiterating it right. And we have control with the video quality we will put a small logo in the side (Speaks in Hindi), why does it need to be in the space then you just being loud in front of the people. So when this colour idea came out, and Siddhartha said that, if you think this colour is good then(Speaks in Hindi) because I don’t I still don’t know what colour these chairs has colour, I cant see what colour these chair has.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 37:47

For me Neon, Yellow and Green looks all the same for me( Speaks in Hindi).

Nancy Mishra 37:48

Siddhartha was teaching Kabir colours and Siddhartha asked , Kabir what colour it was and he said Red and Siddhartha then turn towards me and he was like is he saying correct? and I was like I have to say to Vidit the Next morning. that we are going with the Neon(Speaks in Hindi)-

Nancy Mishra 37:55

That was the conclusion statement –

Nancy Mishra 38:03

Yeah, We don’t need more input from Siddharth now on Neon.

Vidit agarwal 38:12

And this is the thing that how the process was different with you guys, is that you were attached to 100x Right. And transitioning to something which was not a number was hard for you because people have started communicating in your language

Nancy Mishra 38:26

Lets becoming 100x.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 38:27

There were founder’s of what thinking that we made it 100x and there were LP’s thinking that we made their fund 100x. (Speaks in Hindi).

Nancy Mishra 38:34

But we knew, we had this clarity that whenever you hire a designer or when you whenever you work with the most creative person you know, you have to trust the person you have to trust the process and you have to keep your mind open to all the possibilities. You can’t say that we are fund, We have to sound like a fund and say these are the top Fund’s in India just make us similar to them(Speaks in Hindi).

Vidit agarwal 39:01

That reminds me like the Chat-Gpt thing that it did right so the thing is, you came to me for strategy and naming and everything that we decided let’s change 100x and and think about it(Speaks in Hindi), what can we be what are the good messaging? Because the messaging is not just lying in a pitch deck, it needs to bleed down in your podcast it needs to be like when you’re meeting people at like you guys are this person right? And I don’t believe in manifesto documents.I will give 40 paged written document and you will be like its an exam let’s do it and never tell anybody(Speaks in Hindi), it doesn’t work like that. So what was important is, I can sit and talk to you. And I can make you feel the instincts of the brand that okay, this is I think what I am, because you will have to talk about it. When you drunk in a party and someone asked you Why are you Neon on you can’t look at some reference. You have to say it from inside yourself. So the name that you would instinctively gravitate towards is what we should rely on because I think branding is very instinctive.

Nancy Mishra 39:58

It’s like selecting a dress from Wardrobe and now I will give the vibe of Neon,Today there’s gonna be a VC event so lets wear Neon shirt and go(Speaks in Hindi) you have to sound neon you have to be neon and because you are neon and you have to you don’t have to pretend. And we had one more reason for finalising on neon(Speaks in Hindi). One more philosophy we had that, We come from different background. We never thought when we started the podcast that we would be a VC fund someday. So we had this unconventional journey and we are learning step by step now about 10 or, fundraise is happening so, Ican’t say on this podcast because i don’t know what will we be doing in 5years(Speaks in Hindi) . We will be doing this Podcast. This fund, but dosen’t we will be doing it in the same way, Is our scale gonna stay the same not sure, who we will be raceing with not sure our(Speaks in Hindi). philosophy may differ with time,

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 40:57

In different the DNA of being very different journey has been unusual. When applied to VC funds. Everybody warned me because I do podcasting and didn’t know VC. So you have to study and everybody warned me that, you’re not an MBA, you’re not a Kunal Shah (Inaudible). and i was like somany of these expert’s are sitting(Speaks in Hindi).


Nancy Mishra 41:19

And VC firms are stablished in India and there’s global VC fund sound’s Arms’s are there in India. Micro VC funds now only started Booming. So, we belong to so we belong to that age. So let’s not pretend to be like someone else. Similar to big VC fund’s(Speaks in Hindi). Let’s own our journey. We are young. We know that we know less then the other big VC funds we know that we will be moving making more mistakes than them. We know that so we are young. But we are bold. We will be making choices. We will not wait like big VC’s are puting like this lets do the same(Speaks in Hindi). We will have we have our own thesis and we will imply that we will see what happens. But we are not here to follow someone else to be someone else. And I think Neon is like that for me. I’m being myself and I will I have my own thesis I have my own identity. I will be doing things. The thesis I have, the wisdom I have. I will follow that the people who are working with me (Speaks in Hindi), you don’t want to be someone else. And that’s how I resonate with Neon. And we come from different backgrounds. We like extreme opposites, we both identify with Neon. So it’s like the perfect fit for us.


Vidit Agarwal 42:43

And I remember asking Siddhartha that I knew Nancy could be neon, I could see and she’s neon when she will shine. But I’m like that. Do you feel Neon?(Chuckles) Do you think you can be neon and he’s like, If you aske me to do it, I will do it(Speaks in Hindi), I’ll tell you how to be Neon. And the same principle, I said that I don’t want you to have a logo, I want you to walk into a room and people be like, ah is the neon guy. So mindset of name is enough starts coming into it(Speaks in Hindi). And-


Nancy Mishra 43:14

By the time I had started wearing new on top.


Vidit Agarwal 43:19

And that’s when I realised that there is so much potential for us to extend is because every little context I drop Nancy would dive deep into like, oh, wow, look at that I found this neon sofa, it would look so cool, right? And I’m like if these people are ready to extend us so much, there’s a lot of things you can squeeze out. One thing I believe brands should fundamentally have is range. Neon seems simple. On the face of it, there is a logo. There are triangular things, radiation, things that come out and there is a colour. Fundamentally everything revolves around that. If it’s such a basic thing, then how do we cook exciting things out of it, right? So what’s important is that you try to squeeze it as much as possible. What that means is okay, we have triangular shapes. Sometimes we have like a big poster, which are like radiating out. Sometimes they put these little sparks coming out of things. Sometimes we have like a spotlight made out of triangle. Sometimes we make like a poster that’s like a chaotic triangle method. We extend it in the context. So if I just give you this as a colour, this is the layout, use it. You’d use it for one month, two month, and then you tell your YouTube thumbnail guy to up to now everything look’s similar do something different(Speaks in Hindi) and then one year later, I’d look your YouTube podcast and i will be like I, what I made was something else what happend? (Speaks in Hindi). So if a brand doesn’t have range, it won’t survive it needs to constantly do new things. And that doesn’t mean you guys won’t change. Maybe five years down the line you guys are badass successful you like forget micro VC you become big VC and then(Speaks in Hindi) and then you sit one day and think Are we still neon? Or are we something else? And at that point, you will probably You think that does it make sense to change everything because there are stakes right? You already had stakes with 100x that everybody say’s 100x should we change it? will people learn?(Speaks in Hindi). Will people care enough to learn everything again? And if you are true to yourself, people will try to pick up right because if they think you’re doing it for to sell them they’ve commercialised themselves. If you do it because it makes sense, then they’ll understand and the way we’ve designed and branded things is we’ve just bled it into every touchpoint we have poster’s across the space we have furniture, we have animations on the website, the content that we write has such a neon tone to it now. Neon and on and on and on.

Nancy Mishra 45:44

We recently had a launch event and I was because for last 4 years we have been doing this work, we’ve gone to VC event’s Iam not bragging because this is our event(Speaks in Hindi) This was the first time I noticed founders were taking pictures of everything. They’re standing and taking picture’s the founders and putting on Instagram, tent card’s place we had customized the drinks and they were takeing those picture’s(Speaking in Hindi).


Vidit Agarwal 46:10

That point on the 10th card right is where the trust that you’ve given me paid off. We made the tent card 12 hours before the event right. I came to Bangalore


Nancy Mishra 46:21

Vidit was too much into the process like in 2hour’s like the next day was the Event and(Speaks in Hindi) we had lots of other important things to do. And we decided to make tent card’s. And tent card was for something else but we felt it was not working out so , let’s leave it and focus on important things. Vidit was like on the standard menu what and drink’s are they giving us. And Ram and I would sit and we would tell him a cosmopolitan drink, a Mojito drinke, and Whiskey sour,


Vidit Agarwal 46:50

the custom drink idea was also something we came up with a week.


Nancy Mishra 46:54

Ram’s idea was like everything’s Neon the why not have a Neon drink aswell. It will look good when in VC’s event everyone start’s drinking Green colour drink . Then Siddhartha called them and would you make green colour drink. They were like we will make it(Speaks in Hindi). We were nervous before this event because that was the first time we were calling 150 people we sent invite to 300 people.


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 47:17

Nancy was saying let’s do it on JW Marriott. I was like bro iam already in 10lakh rupees loan from (Inaudible)and JW Marriott then i would have to take 20-50 lakhs loan it was like a father’s situation for his daughters marriage(Speaks in Hindi).


Nancy Mishra 47:35

We were on Way to Daisy and we had decided that we would go with Daisy itself, It was like few weeks before the event that, This is our first event that’s gonna happen in this level. So. I was like we should go to Daisy’s dail because it was even closer to our house also(Speaks in Hindi). Maybe, and we should feel every nook and corner I was so nervous. I think I was very nervous about things.


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 47:56

Nancy was like how will we do content over here siddharth and was worried(Speaks in Hindi).


Nancy Mishra 47:59

Because it was like a Party and I said to keep it lite but Sidharth. And Kshijith also joined in Shahzad from Jovio team he also joined and he cordinated the panel and Speaker, and this should also come —


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 48:13

The six people that spoke at the end it was a perfect combination but have not less now or not over.


Nancy Mishra 48:19

How much effort we had put in for it(Speaks in Hindi).


Vidit Agarwal 48:23

Presentation was goingon, Video was going or not and poor Aravind was running around(Speaks in Hindi).


Nancy Mishra 48:27

So, then we started doing our every meeting’s from Daisy. Somebody’s coming to meet us, we are were going to meet somebody(Speaks in Hindi).


Nancy Mishra 48:31

Then one day Siddhartha asked do you have any green colour drink or cocktail to drink? he suggested when Kiwi gin and tonic Before two three day’s and before that we selected welcome drink green Syrup and water(Speaks in Hindi).


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 48:40

They had great Cocktail’s!


Vidit Agarwal 48:48

When I was doing the Tent card’s, and I’m like Nancy, is this drink in menu or not, I had to print it(Speaks in Hindi).(Chuckles)


Nancy Mishra 48:56

And I called Arun called, Arun confirmed him, Event is gonna be there tomorrow


Nancy Mishra 49:01

Athul, event was gonna be and 7.Oclock printing shop closes and 5oClockVidit was like can you show me the picture Gin and Tonic for glass’s shape, and i was like dont look the glass we dont have time, but hes like show me just one time, And we were like now what’s in for the glass to put Rosemaryt and he put Rosemary’s (Inaudible) in it. But I think everyone who attended the event love neon and all love the details. In everybody’s messages there were like amazing. Like this is the first event VC where event detail oriented processes were followed(Speaks in Hindi).


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 49:01



Vidit Agarwal 49:43

This is where thinking contextually matters so neon we had a language we had a tone bringing into the spotlight the highlights of the event like it flows naturally Right? So, Tent card’s name was already thinking today’s highlights here today spotlights and it would have passed I think people would have understood how it’s coming around. But it was not contextual because we had the drinks right and in Drink’s i was like Nancy one Idea came for makeing the glass and I wanted to make glasses and she’s like Vidit just write the name nothing else, because we were looking for good name’s Neopolitan Neon and on and on Sassitup deal closer like we have such cool names and like name was enough go for them like if we made cute Icon it would have been fun and I took the Glass shape I looked at the recipe from Google that how it is made, the drink and what is added in it. Then wrote it down made a menu out of it, because people would come to the bar and ask your Give an Elitte and the button will be like sorry it’s not avaialable(Speaks in Hindi) how bad it would have sounded


Nancy Mishra 50:43

Before half and hour of the event to we were saying to the Bartender that this is the menu and recipe. If somebody ask’s for Sassitup give this item(Speaks in Hindi).


Vidit Agarwal 50:49

And the drinks are fundamental mojito whiskey ser( Inaudible)and Jin and tonic These are basic drinks. But I saw people at the bar like you know what, we had tried neon on and on now let’s try Napolitan because the name made them feel like it could be something exciting and that’s what branding is. It’s so micro delight that happens. So now that we have so many things in place, like so many micro design elements brand is.


Nancy Mishra 51:12

And Micro delights.


Vidit Agarwal 51:15

And brand is existing in so many places. It’s on the ground, it’s alive.

Vidit Agarwal 51:22

How do you feel now that everything is in place after nine months? How did the delivery feel.

Nancy Mishra 51:27

Remember when we werein Delhi and having a video call Ram was also there. So I was getting emotional and I was telling him that. When we first met Vidit, we told him everything about our life from Kabir, our marriage, our view’s on thing’s, Our mission, our vision, for Fund then the Podcast.How did you wanna amke the Podcats. We just painted the picture for him and told him the thing’s that he needed to know.. Now, you tell me what to do, after giving the brief. After telling everything about us. Then Vidit came to us and said let me think about it. And when you give in all the information and you don’t know what he will bring to you. Your fingers had crossed because you have worked with other designers you know how does it feel to work with a designer just whose energy Vibe thought process don’t sync with you’rs that you gave the brief and told everything, output is something else now and because you’re not a design expert you don’t know how to Logically say to him that this does’nt look good on these basis, you will just say there is no fun in it. And this statement is something which pisses of the designers. They will ask which part which colour looks off, which shade, which shape and what did you mean by fun? So, I had this fear when first time for Vidit we gave brief and told him that, this has happend to me so, I was like What if the thing does’nt come and t how will I confront Viditt then I don’t want to work with you because i don’t get that fun that was my fear. So, from that time to this time(Speaking in Hindi)-

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 52:58

Your super Nostalgic right now because Vidit’s leaving, last five days.

Nancy Mishra 53:24

Around 10 pm I am texting Vidit cany you edit this then, newsletter. Can you fix the Newsletter also he was edititng PR. So, we were like Vidit your taking ownership for this and doing it (Speaks in Hindi). We are doing this event you have to come here book your tickets so it was Vidit’s birthday he missed celebrating his birthday in Calcutta and it didn’t feel like his birthday because it was just one day before the event since morning he was just working in working and working in an by night and forgot about the Birthday keyboard or unfortunately j in which restaurant we went for dinner didn’t have cake available. So pastry cutting killed the vibe, but now that Vidit’s leaving and he has lived with us for the last one week or so after all already started feeling emotional. Because till now we had asked everything to Vidit for this and that even for my LinkedIn post He drafted it for me then make it better(Speaks in Hindi).

Vidit Agarwal 54:24

You’d send me an image and ask to post,and, I’m like, Stop. I have an idea and I would create my work only. We plan to go somewhere 4PM and willl mke a work and finish it, and then leave by 7pm.

Nancy Mishra 54:34

And I was also mentioning to Vidit the Ke like for this and that and for branding, we had taken one month for selecting a name and next few month’s for logo’s and colour, and the day we call Vidit and said the event is from Daisy and website. So Vidit told us that time the website was live. And we took a like a little pause everyone over here and everybody opened the website in their own system and happy kind of expressions on everyone’s face and I started telling Vidit that. When you give a brief (Speaks in Hindi). So it’s almost like that, You have conceived but you don’t know it’s a girl or a boy but you wish for a girl or you wish for a boy and that comes and then the energy with you. That was what I was feeling after having the first glimpse of our website. He said, By the way, it’s been nine months working together. It’s been a great journey. I think we all learned a lot from the process and from working with each other. We all we all three come from different backgrounds.

Vidit Agarwal 55:48

The thing is it’s important that all of us took ownership right you like if I came in say that. I’m telling you to change your personal LinkedIn messages. Like you can do whatever you want, but you trust in me, Vidit’s saying something. It might make seem Vidit this does not look good(Speaks in Hindi). And there is no ego right nature etiquette. Let’s figure out what can happen. Right? The fact that there is so much mutual respect and trust that constantly works out. We did not sign up for content strategy and writing. You didn’t even know I can write. This is not what you were expecting. But it makes sense. Let’s try this. And okay, where are you sending emails? Oh, Luma. What is loom I’ve never heard about it. We pick things on the fly. I am a graphic designer, I don’t make it in canva, Siddharth, I’ll make a fancy presentation in Illustrator, I’ll give it to your PDF, you have to change one text and the entire presentation will get destroyed. Let’s make it in figma. It’s easy. It’s simple. We’ll figure it out. I built a figma while doing neon just so that we can give a good product. That’s handover, right? So the fact that we were able to do so much create new assets, we had these characters. Remember, we made this Lego character at the start. And I’m like, Lego is simple to do. You don’t have to worry about doing illustrations or whatever. Buy Lego put some pose and post it. Then came generative AI, and we create like so many cool funky Legos. And that became the aesthetic. People now love those Legos and that became associated with us. So even when the brand was done, I didn’t know we’d have these things. In the last two weeks. So many things happened and I’m like, the brand never felt more alive than it did when it is out there. The strategy never felt clearer now that we’ve talked about it. In the start. We took everything we worked forward, but it was all still boardroom design. It was in Presentation, It was in our mind and stayed in our talk’s (Speaks in Hindi). Now that things are live it it feels really relieving because as designers we tend to see our designs fall apart quite a bit. Presentation the the everything is good. final final production something feel’s left apart, after working these many Month’s(Speaks in Hindi) this last sense of things falls apart.

Vidit Agarwal 57:57

So I severely believe in the fact that design can’t trickle down from top, it needs to start from the bottom. We could sound very cool in a Zoom meeting. But if the person coming in the event did not feel the brand, it doesn’t matter. Remember you guy’s told me in the event, talk something about the brand. And I’m like, You know what, if we start talking about the brand and have to tell the concept of the brand on a microphone, you’re not going to have my audio on your website saying that this is what Neon is. Unless the brand is felt in instinct, it doesn’t matter. And

Nancy Mishra 58:28

I was so happy people wearing neon colour shirts in our event to feel Neon.

Vidit Agarwal 58:33

Correct. And this fact that everything bleeds down now we have a free like neon and on and on that came out. And earlier we were be neon like that’s how we started and planned everything near the course of the thing. I had cool idea in neon and on’s poster There was this coaster. Neon and on and on And I like just I like putting things in a circle. I’m like neon to repeat or re on and on and on and on. It’s like a song. And we named this the drink. People liked the drink. And now this became the brand focus. Could this couldn’t have been strategized. It just came because we trusted the process. And I think the fact that you wish to create something beautiful together in the end, will lead to it.

Nancy Mishra 59:12

And I’m happy that we recorded this conversation. It was not part of our plan. But Siddharth came up with this idea. Let’s just chat with it and record the conversation and put it out there. Because as I mentioned earlier, that we are only going to remember the milestones of these of this process. We will never remember the small details. But I think because we are doing this podcast recording it we will be making it live on our YouTube channel. People will be able to learn from our processes because you don’t learn. We have made this logo and we have put it out there on our website. What do you learn? You only learn we are Neon but what’s the process to reach there? There is a lot to learn from that process. People will be learning a lot from Vidit’s journey and with has a cool, brand new Witchcraft.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 1:00:07

And really what is the story of witchcraft? I want to conclude on this black magic(Speaks in Hindi) Jadoo black magic.

Vidit Agarwal 1:00:13

So it kind of comes down to exactly what you’re seeing right now right on the website, the logo will be in the corner. People who just like ya it was 100x they changed the name and logot that’s it. But it’s a lot more than that. It’s a lot more than what meets the eye. So whatever you see does’nt happen so,(Speaks in Hindi) there’s a lot more that’s in the surface. And witchcraft basically come came from the fact that either designers too rationalised that this colour’s meaning is this, and this represent’s that, and it has confidence, clarity, trust. And Iam like no that is just a blue colour(Speaks in Hindi). Please there’s nothing that much like I can build a story around it because I’ve been in marketing I’ve, I’m not from a design background. So I had to kind of you know, hustle and get into it. Try to sound like a designer while not being it. So I got very good at just sounding like a designer. And then I started feeling that everyone is talking the same thing. But it’s not meaning anything. Like we will talk and say. This is what you are. This is what you’re like, it’s feeling cool you’ll walk out of the room and you like what did he say (Speaks in Hindi)what does it mean? So I’m like, I can rationalise all I want, but unless you get the outcome of it at the last touch point, unless it feels like something happened beautifully. It’s irrelevant. All the rationalisation in the world is pointless if it doesn’t feel right in the gut. And witchcraft came from the fact that I don’t have a set process. You come to me and everyday in the morning we can sit when your kid goes to school. Let’s take 5, 5 names daily and pick one from it(Speaks in Hindi) who does that? Right. So the process is unfamiliar, but I’ll know I’ll deliver the outcome you want. I don’t care how it happens. I don’t know what I’ll do to get to it. We’ll have to pick up software we’ll have to hire someone else we have to let Nancy to design for herself. I don’t know. But what’s important is you trust me and I will get the outcome. At the end of the project. You should be like how did this happen?(Speaks in Hindi) by witchcraft.


Nancy Mishra 1:02:10

Now Vidit we’ll be leaving us on Saturday, and it’s already Thursday. And I’m feeling remorse. But the worst part is I can’t ask him can you do the job again(Speaks in Hindi) it’s been a lengthy, long process. For us. Now we want to focus on the main jobs I can tell him okay let’s work(Chuckles). Pleasure hosting you Vidit.


Vidit Agarwal 1:02:44

It was a pleasure being here and it feels like I’m in my own show because of all these things. This is our own(Speaks in Hindi)


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 1:02:51

Thank you so much for listening to this. This is a very special episode. Because this culminates what went into those nine months and what relationship we share with Vidit,


Nancy Mishra 1:03:00

right? The man behind our brand Neon


Siddhartha Ahluwalia 1:03:03

And our new existence.Thank you so much. And do share like what you learned from this episode in the comments.

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