Episode 198 / December 5, 2022

Indian Parents’ Love For Government Jobs with KuKu FM Founder

46 min

Episode 198 / December 5, 2022

Indian Parents’ Love For Government Jobs with KuKu FM Founder

46 min
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As of today, only 15% of India’s population lives in the top 50 cities, and the remaining 85% which accounts to around 119 crores, live in towns or villages.

According to an ASER survey, the availability of smartphones in rural India was 67.6 % in 2021, primarily bought for kids’ studies amid the pandemic. With this, we can make out that even in towns and villages, the penetration of smartphones and the internet is huge and people in villages are driven to spend higher to provide better learning resources to their children.

This exact learning is what drove our guest, Lal Chand Bisu, Founder, Kuku FM, to build a product for Bharat.

In today’s episode, we talk with Lal Chand Bisu to understand, how he was able to build a subscription model product for the mass Indians and what have been his learnings over the years while scaling Kuku FM.

Notes –

01:50 – Intro

02:20 – Do the mass Indians pay for subscriptions?

03:46 – How do Indians define value?

05:37 – How is Kukufm an aspirational product for the masses?

08:05 – Indians consuming aspirational content

11:33 – Split of content on Kuku FM

12:36 – Starting Non-series content in form of Mini-episodes

16:25 – Popularity of Personal Finance on Kuku FM

18:24 – Family Background and the entrepreneurial path he chose

20:26 – Zoho Sponsored – Prashant Ganti on what makes Zolo Payroll different from its competitors?

28:46 – How was he motivated to do something out of his league?

32:36 – Why do people in towns or villagers aspire for Government jobs?

36:44 – Convincing Indian consumers to pay for Non-fictional content subscriptions



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