Episode 37 / November 4, 2019

Karan Mohla, Chiratae Ventures (Formerly IDG Ventures India)

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Episode 37 / November 4, 2019

Karan Mohla, Chiratae Ventures (Formerly IDG Ventures India)

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#100xEntrepreneur #Podcast with Karan Mohla, Executive Director at Chiratae Ventures (formerly IDG Ventures India)

“As a VC to add value, keep asking yourself, What are the one or two things which if the company does, based on your experience, they’ll thrive. And then Discuss & Communicate that with the Founders.” – Karan Mohla.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Karan joined Jefferies & Company in Silicon Valley, where he first experienced Capital raising, Strategic Company Analysis & Investment Banking.

He was also the Youngest person admitted in the INSEAD Executive MBA program history.

In 2010, after his Masters, he joined Chiratae Ventures (formerly IDG Ventures India) as a Senior Associate. Since then during his 9 years journey over there, he moved up the ladder to become Executive Director and Head of Consumer Tech & Media Sector

Currently, Karan is a Board of Member in Bounce, HealthifyMe, LittleBlackBook, POPxo, Tripoto and several other big names in the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

In this podcast, Karan shares, about the Opportunities in Consumer Tech & Digital Media, Challenges faced by a Venture Capitalist and more.

Notes –
00:50 – From being an Intern at E&Y to becoming Executive Director at Chiratae Ventures
07:16 – “There are ways in life through which you can create an Impact, Entrepreneurship is one of them”
09:40 – Challenges while Fund-raising as a Venture Capitalist & Being a Venturepreneur
14:30 – His first Thesis based investment in FirstCry
17:30 – What are the scenarios where Top-down or Bottom-up Strategy are suitable for?
19:50 – Which markets & business models have been a big win in the past decade?
21:37 – Why most Advertising & Ed-Tech Startups don’t work out in India?
23:46 – Three Signs of a Bad Investment Opportunity
26:08 – Potential business models to look out in Consumer-Tech
30:43 – Thesis for Digital Media Companies
32:50 – Creating a Full Stack Business Model = Content Community + Commerce (not being a force fit)
37:10 – Recipe to Scale Fast – Surround yourself with good people early on as an Entrepreneur
39:55 – Proper Execution is more valuable than just having a Vision
50:45 – Not having personal biases to your role as an Investor
51:04 – “While making an Investment Decision, something or the other would always go wrong, it’s better to plan much in advance.”
52:33 – Dealing with Uncertainties in the form of delayed results being a VC

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