Episode 44 / December 22, 2019

Kitty Agarwal, Head of Corporate Development, InfoEdge

hr min

Episode 44 / December 22, 2019

Kitty Agarwal, Head of Corporate Development, InfoEdge

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#Podcast with Kitty Agarwal, Head of Corporate Development, Info Edge

Belonging from a Calcutta based Marwari business family, Kitty completed her MBA from IIM Ahemdabad in 2012, post which due to her interest in Entrepreneurship, she came in touch with Sanjeev Bikhchandani and joined Info Edge.

She has spent the last 6 years investing in early-stage consumer internet companies. Working closely with portfolio companies for strategy-building, monitoring progress and follow-on fundraising.

She also looks after deal sourcing, due diligence, and legal documentation.

Some of Info Edge’s Portfolio Companies include – Zomato, Ustraa, and MeritNation among others.

In this podcast, Kitty shares her experience of Early Stage Investing at Info Edge and How she closely works with Founders to enable Growth.

Notes –
00:41 – Her Journey from a Marwari Business Family in Calcutta to Info Edge
03:15 – How did investing in other Startups began at Info Edge?
05:50 – Recent 5 Investments
06:35 – First Cheque Size & the Stage at which they enter a business
08:00 – What value does Info Edge brings to the table apart from money in Portfolio companies?
08:56 – Misconception about Info Edge owing a greater than 50% stake in Portfolio companies
13:26 – Evaluation Process for Potential Portfolio companies
19:00 – What’s her take on Content-based startups in India?
20:55 – Potential Markets & Opportunities in 2019-20
26:30 – How does Info Edge help its Portfolio companies in setting up Corporate Governance
34:30 – Lessons for Founders, based on her experiences with their Portfolio companies

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