Episode 51 / February 9, 2020

Manish Singhal, pi Ventures

hr min

Episode 51 / February 9, 2020

Manish Singhal, pi Ventures

hr min
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After graduating from IIT Kanpur in 1992, Manish worked with several top firms – Tata Elxsi, Motorola, Ittiam Systems & Sling Media.

In 2013 he started LetsVenture which enables Angel Investors, Family Offices and Funds to discover and invest in early-stage and growth startups.

Post that, in 2016, he started pi Ventures, which primarily invests in AI, IoT & Blockchain companies.

Some of his portfolio companies are FrontdeskAI, Wysa, and SigTuple among others.

In this podcast, Manish shares his experiences of investing and helping entrepreneurs build AI Startups.

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Notes –
00:40 – From Graduating IIT Kanpur in 1992 to starting pi Ventures in 2016
06:50 – Keys learnings while building Venture firms
10:58 – Learning from path-breaking Entrepreneurs
14:08 – Unsolved problems & prospects for upcoming startups in AI
16:54 – Criteria for evaluating AI companies
27:52 – Helping in building AI Startups
28:22 – Convincing VCs to invest in AI Startups
30:15 – Challenges while fund-raising as a VC
37:26 – Advice for Founder’s who get lost in their Journey

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