Episode 38 / November 10, 2019

Sandeep Sinha, Lumis Partners

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Episode 38 / November 10, 2019

Sandeep Sinha, Lumis Partners

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#Podcast with Sandeep Sinha, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Lumis Partners

“The belief of the Entrepreneur & the team that you are building & serving for a larger potential market is one of the differential factors in startups which grow 100x.” – Sandeep Sinha.

After completing his Post-Grads from London School of Economics, he worked at GE and 3Com Corporation during his early career.

In Sept 2006 he started Lumis Partners an Operating Private Equity Fund, with some focus areas which include: Education & Skilling, Recruitment, Assessment, Human Resources and Career Community Solutions.

Some of the Portfolio companies include – SHEROES, Wheebox, Altizon Systems among others.

In this podcast, Sandeep shares, about role play as an Investor, building relationship with founders and more.

Notes –
00:32 – From working at GE in his early career to starting Lumis Partners in 2006
01:30 – Working closely with Entrepreneurs gives you the opportunity to learn & experience a lot
02:25 – Prioritizing select markets can be done by regular experimentation & persuasion
04:44 – Identifying Recession-Proof markets with opportunities of big wins
07:32 – Can startups with great teams persuade an Investor to make an Investment?
10:24 – The Kind of Entrepreneurs he as a VC would love to work with again & again
12:45 – Some of his exists from Healthcare, Human Resource & Fintech
14:55 – Being a Hands-on Investor & Methodology of Engaging with Portfolio Companies
16:43 – Pros of being an Open-Ended Equity Firm in case of having to deal with LPs
17:56 – Identifying Founders with Deep domain Industry Experience & Understanding
20:19 – Engaging with Companies from the start by testing Pre-revenue Models
20:56 – Anti-Portfolio Companies – MakeMyTrip, OYO, ShareChat
26:30 – Enabling Founders to discuss Challenges & Problems with Investors by building a strong relationship
27:57 – Ideal Co-Investors – Clarity in terms of Role Play as a Co-Investor
32:27 – “At the end of the day deliver Great Financial Results, Make an Impact & Enjoy the ride of being a VC”

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