Episode 28 / August 9, 2019

Sukhbir Singh, Bollywood Singer & Startup Investor

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Episode 28 / August 9, 2019

Sukhbir Singh, Bollywood Singer & Startup Investor

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Sukhbir Singh is a well-known Bollywood singer. He is also called the prince of Bhangra. He has recently become an active startup investor. His first investment is in the beverage market in India.

In this podcast, Sukhbir shares his journey of how living hand to mouth in Kenya, in a Gurudwara taught him humbleness and never letting your success or work change your human principles.

His parents migrated when he was just two years old from Jalandhar, India. His father was into singing, classically trained, but he was spiritually inclined. So he worked as a Gyaniji in Gurudwara in Kenya.

He learned different instruments by being in a band in Kenya, started off as a keyboard player, then progressed to a drummer, guitarist, and then eventually a singer, started from backing vocals and then lead vocal. More on his journey in the podcast.

When being asked on:
1. How do you feel when you meet young founders today?
I see myself in them. I see when I was their age and I had that desire and passion to create a song, would take an idea from just a melody to a song. And, for Startups I see them in a very similar fashion it starts with an idea and then the passion behind the ideas of people actually take that idea and make it into a reality.

2. How music production and startups are related?
It’s the same thing with startups you don’t know if that is going to work. It’s unless and until you put it into practices. Similarly, with music production, you take an idea to make it into song and then let you know the masses decide whether it’s a hit song or not.

Sukhbir also shares:
1. What he is looking in startups and founders that he wants to fund
2. His advice to founders to deliver excellence in business
3. His learnings from 25 years in the music industry that can be applied to startups
4. His advice from his own experience on dealing with failure in startups

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