Episode 201 / December 26, 2022

The Dramatic RISE & FALL of EdTech with Manan Khurma, Founder & Chairman, Cuemath

59 min

Episode 201 / December 26, 2022

The Dramatic RISE & FALL of EdTech with Manan Khurma, Founder & Chairman, Cuemath

59 min
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  • Why the DARLING Edtech in 2021 became a taboo in 2022 for VCs?
  • What do students really expect?
  • Why do Edtech entrepreneurs fail?
  • And what’s the most important factor in EdTech Success?

Today we talk with Manan Khurma, Founder at Cuemath who answers all these questions for us.

During our conversation he shares how building an Education venture is not like building on a rocket ship, but building with trust.


He has been building Cuemath for almost the last decade and he highlights that unlike the common notion or FOMO behind going online being an Edtech venture, right before Covid, only 5% of their entire revenue came via Online classes. His first question to any new entrepreneur looking to enter the Edtech space is if they are ready to give atleast two decades to build their educational venture. Further during the episode Manan shares their views on performance marketing in edtech, building trust for students and parents, and much more.

Notes –

02:21 – Manan’s journey to becoming a teacher and entrepreneur

04:31 – What’s his view of Edtech landscape both in India and globally?

08:08 – Which are the institutions that inspire him?

11:55 – Going down the attention span of kids in the last decade

17:45 – Certain kids already being great at grasping new things

21:19 – Zoho Shoutout

23:30 – Getting answers has become really easy

27:39 – Real learning happens when a student puts their brain in isolation to a problem

29:07 – Increase in the number of screens in our home

33:11 – Thesis on how not to build an Education venture

39:31 – Mercenary category of Entrepreneur

45:15 – Current scale of Cuemath

47:55 – Their approach to starting coding courses

49:30 – Essence of Analytical thinking

50:54 – Goal to build a strong base and system

51:52 – Best way to build a 1,00,000 paid students base in Educational venture

54:22 – How have the customer acquisition channels evolved?


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