Episode 31 / September 1, 2019

Utsav Somani, Partner AngelList India

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Episode 31 / September 1, 2019

Utsav Somani, Partner AngelList India

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Utsav Somani, Partner, AngelList India shares his experience at AngelList India & Syndicates (Private Single-deal VC funds led by Top Angels).

Some of the Startups where Utsav has invested as angel investor are BharatPe, AdPushup, Innov8, CoinDCX, Elemential Labs, Sugar Cosmetics, LogiNext, ARATA, Stranger & Sons, Mall91, Pernia’s Pop-up Shop.

Some Questions answered by Utsav in this Podcast –
1. What is a Syndicate & How does it work?
2. What are the minimum requirements to become a General Partner in a Syndicate?
3. How can first-time founders approach AngelList for raising funds?
4. How many Startups have been funded by Syndicates in India until now?
5. How does AngelList ensure Startups which are funded by Syndicates to get updates & communicate with the Investors?
6. What does an average Syndicate ticket size look like?
7. What is “The Collective by AngelList India”?
8. What is the Investment Thesis followed at AngelList – “Top-down” or “Bottom-up”?
9. How does AngelList India work in sync with AngelList US?

A guide for founders how to use AngelList in India:

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