Episode 35 / October 6, 2019

Vishal Gupta, Bessemer Venture Partners

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Episode 35 / October 6, 2019

Vishal Gupta, Bessemer Venture Partners

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About the Episode

Podcast with Vishal Gupta, Managing Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.

“When you create a Network effects, your moats become stronger and your growth is also disproportionate.” – Vishal Gupta
“The Secret Sauce lies in scaling supply with consistency & quality. Demand in my mind is a commodity and can be copied.”
“We were very focussed when it comes to building vertical e-commerce businesses”
“You need to build Full Stack because that’s the only way you can build great long term customer experience & customers can keep coming back to you”

Vishal did his MBA from IIM Calcutta, in 2002. Post which he initially worked with HCL and later joined Reliance Capital Private Equity in 2003.

Finally, he joined Bessemer Venture Partners in 2006.

Some of the portfolio companies at Bessemer Venture Partners India include – Bigbasket, Swiggy, Pharmeasy, Urbanclap and DocsApp among others.

In this podcast, Vishal shares, about startups with Strong Distributions Channels, opportunities in Healthcare and more.

Some Questions answered by Vishal in this Podcast –
1. What’s his take on Operational heavy businesses like Bigbasket & Swiggy?
2. What does he think Distributions & Supply Channels in Startups?
3. Why does he believe in Data-driven board meetings?
4. What is his thesis for opportunities in Healthcare in India?
5. Why did Venture Capital happen in India with the advent of Smartphones and Internet ?
6. Why is Bessemer India backing only full stack businesses ? (Full Stack: Who control and build the supply infrastructure as well as demand. eg. In case of Swiggy owning the delivery end to end as well as distribution on customer side)

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