Episode 41 / December 1, 2019

Amrish Rau, Co-Founder, CitrusPay & Angel Investor

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Episode 41 / December 1, 2019

Amrish Rau, Co-Founder, CitrusPay & Angel Investor

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#Podcast with Amrish Rau, Co-founder at Citrus Pay, Head of Investments & Partnerships at PayU

“Life is Game, Treat it as a Sport, Enjoy your time in the Field, & It will be Fantastic!”
– Amrish Rau

After starting his career as a Sales Manager at Siemens Nixdorf in 1996, he later worked extensively with Teradata & First Data. He later started Citrus Payments in 2014, which was acquired by PayU for $130Mn in 2016, one of the biggest FinTech deals in India.

As an Angel Investor, his Portfolio Companies are – CRED, Khatabook, Signzy, and OPEN Bank among others.

In this podcast, Amrish shares his deep insights of the FinTech space in India & opportunities coming ahead.

Notes –
00:56 – How did he grow from a Sales Manager at Siemens to one of the renowned names in Indian Fintech Space?
05:20 – How does he treat his work life?
06:36 – His experience of Investing in CRED, Mobile Premiere League, Khatabook, Dunzo & Bira
13:28 – Formation of Citrus Pay
14:42 – Seeds of Entrepreneurship
17:55 – First few years of Citrus Pay – Testing the Market
19:26 – His thoughts on Business Capital requirement & Funding
21:45 – “You should not tie your dreams to – How much funding I can raise?; Instead, think of – What problem statement can I solve?”
23:11 – Pivots v/s Experimentation & Improvisation
24:32 – Core Unsolved problems in FinTech for B2C & B2B
27:15 – Will Startups in Credit Lending Space be able to make money?
28:24 – Credit Lending opportunities in SMEs
30:23 – Cost of money is extremely high through NBFCs
31:37 – Other Markets he’s interested in – Transactions & eKYC
32:52 – “The number of Quality founders, I meet every day, I’m soon going to end up broke being an Angel Investor.”
35:26 – Preparation for the Big War in FinTech
37:33 – Advice to listeners – “Spend time in understanding the complexity of FinTech”
44:45 – No.1 Golden Rule for a Cofounder is to put the Company First

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